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The 2-way component kit PS 165 SF incorporates the essence of Focal’s latest technologies to deliver performance, reliability and French manufacturing. Its exclusive Slatefiber cone helps create a rich soundscape. Its standard dimensions of 61/2” (165mm) and smart design means it can be installed in most vehicles on the market. Last but not least, its high sensitivity offers smooth amplification: PS 165 SF can be directly connected to the original car radio or be used with an amplifier to make the most of its performance.
As well as delivering great performance, the kits are also easy to install. The aluminium/magnesium inverted dome tweeter is supplied with an angled bracket; it can either be flush-mounted or installed in the vehicle’s original location thanks to its ultra-compact size. The crossover, tweeter and woofer boxes can also be separated to give you maximum flexibility during the installation process.




A cone specialist, Focal continues to innovate when it comes to its speaker drivers. In this Slatefiber cone, the engineers introduced non-woven, recycled carbon fibres. These materials help to achieve even greater damping, rigidity and lightness – the three keys to a speaker driver. And with its unique slate effect, the Slatefiber cone is key to delivering an incredible soundstage. It is a benchmark in High-Fidelity sound in its price category.




The aluminium baskets are characterised by lightness, strength, a “rotor” design and slate-blue finish. Designed to be strong and smart, as well as looking sleek, the Slatefiber kits stand apart for their ability to massively improve in-car sound quality.




Slatefiber kits offer high power handling in your vehicle, even after listening for a long time at high volumes. Their reliability is guaranteed, whether you only use your sound system once in a while or non-stop.



Type 2-way component kit

Woofer 165mm

Depth 70mm

Cone Slatefiber

Maximum power 160W

Nominal power 80W RMS

Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) 91dB

Frequency response 60Hz - 21kHz

Impedance 4 Ω

Voice-coil diameter 25mm

Magnet Ferrite

Suspension Butyl

Tweeter Aluminium/Magnesium inverted dome tweeter

Crossover Independent woofer / tweeter crossovers






Designed, developed and manufactured in the Focal workshops, the Slatefiber cone has been a hit since it came on the market in 2019 – first, with the Chora Hi-Fi loudspeakers, then with the Studio Alpha Evo monitors, and today with the PS 165 SF and PC 165 SF in-car kits.

A specialist of composite cones known as “sandwich”, Focal continues to innovate in the field of speaker drivers for a high fidelity listening experience. The brand has introduced new materials for its Slatefiber cones, more particularly recycled non-woven carbon fibres for better damping, rigidity and lightness, three key characteristics of an excellent speaker driver. This cone’s unique “slate effect” offers an outstanding soundstage.


Aesthetics and performance

Aesthetics and performance

After more than four years of Research & Development, in 2019 Focal unveiled a new technology with remarkable performance: the Slatefiber cone. 

Manufactured in France, this cone is characterised by its dynamic, rich and ultra-balanced sound, particularly in the midranges. With its acoustic qualities and unique “slate effect”, it has become a benchmark for High-Fidelity in its price category.


An authentic composite cone

The Slatefiber cone is a composite cone comprising recycled non-woven carbon fibres - Focal is the first brand in the audio field to use recycled carbon fibres in its speaker drivers - and thermoplastic polymer. The combination of these two materials results in excellent acoustic performance, in terms of sound velocity as well as rigidity and damping.

An authentic composite cone


The carbon fibres alone provide an extraordinary rigidity. What’s more, as they all oriented in the same direction, these fibres further increase the speaker driver’s rigidity, and therefore enable more bass to be achieved.

The carbon fibres are therefore aligned, but also non-woven to ensure better damping. Thermoplastic polymer is also located within the fibres to provide the bond between them and increase damping. 

During the development phase, special attention was paid to the weight of the cones to optimize sensitivity: the carbon fibres are very light. In addition to rigidity and damping criteria, the Slatefiber cone therefore meets the speaker driver’s lightness requirement.