BE-FIT B-1300U

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A new generation two-way for easy enjoyment of PPC eccentric cone sound.

     PPC eccentric cone sound, the pride of Bewith, is now even easier to obtain. In a “full range plus tweeter” design, the new 13cm PPC full range unit that reproduces undistorted, clear sound across the full tonal range is combined with a 1.8cm dome tweeter as the two-way B-1300 series, providing high sound quality and high performance without sacrificing excellent installability. A new offering from Bewith that makes it easy for you to enjoy our solid "sound with a difference."



     The B-1300U combines the new 13cm PPC full range unit and the Bewith-first 1.8cm soft dome tweeter in a two-way speaker system that provides major improvements in installability while exploiting the advantages of the PPC eccentric cone. The product adopts the “full range + tweeter” layout in which a 13cm unit with superb wide-range properties is driven over its full range and is combined with a small-diameter, soft-dome tweeter to provide high-range nuance and the sense of an acoustic field from a “full range + tweeter” structure. This layout makes it all the more easy, compared to our past products, to install this product to swap out factory-installed speakers. With the outstanding high performance and high sound quality of Bewith products the same as ever, Bewith offers something new by pursuing beautifully easy installability without compromise and not impairing the value of the car itself or the interior design.



13cm PPC eccentric cone unit optimized for full range drive.


     For the woofer (a full-range unit), the product adopts the B-130 model type and our proprietary 13cm PPC eccentric cone unit to deliver an even clearer sound with no irregular tendencies by applying an offset (of the drive points) to the speaker’s central axis and dispersing the resonance from the diaphragm. The B-1300U optimizes various properties in a special design with a highly regarded mica alloy polymer diaphragm and rigid aluminum diecast frame, as well as robust magnetic circuits using a large, 91mm-diameter ferrite magnet and high-purity, OFC (oxygen-free conductor) voice coils wrapped edgewise. It demonstrates superb performance, driving over the full range without passing through the network (by applying low-pass filters).



A 1.8cm dome tweeter that ensures good installability along with high sound quality.


     The tweeter adopts Bewith's first 1.8cm dome tweeter, the B-18 model. High fidelity music reproduction ability for sound quality matching the PPC eccentric cone is compressed into a compact enclosure (installed dimensions: diameter 3.6cm, depth 1.8cm) that is easy to install for swapping out a common factory-installed tweeter. Installability that does nothing to impair the car’s own value and interior design is well balanced with high quality sound up to the Bewith standard.



Minimum unit network that makes direct use of each unit’s distinctive flavor.


     In order to elicit the maximum appeal of the PPC eccentric cone, boasting a broad and even frequency range, the woofer network (low pass filter) for this product was daringly eliminated. To do this, a small-diameter dome tweeter that delivers high-range nuances and a clear acoustic field is added to make a "full range + tweeter" layout. This layout skillfully merges the distinctive natural listening comfort of a full-range speaker and the subtle expressive power of a dome tweeter to provide unadulterated enjoyment of each unit's particular flavor.


C-50II [ 5cm tweeters ]


Model B-130 (Woofer) B-18 (Tweeter)
Frequency Response 40Hz – 9.0kHz*1 4kHz – 70kHz*2
Power Handling 15 – 120W 15 – 50W
Sensitivity 90dB/wm 90dB/wm
Magnet Weight 350g 4.5g
Magnet Ferrite Neodymium
Weight 1.18kg 47g



*1 Mesurement using an included enclosure * 2 When using the passive network provided.

13cm 2Way Speaker System

BE-FIT B-1300U