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Product Description

XXXL Acoustic Insulation Kit

One 0.5 x 6m Sheet

Key Points
  • Replaces Plain chant
  • Attenuates the speaker back wave
  • Increases the bass level in your car
  • Increases Soundproofing out outside noise
  • Observe carefully the layering conditions (min. temperature +15 degrees on a clean surface)


  • 3 technical materials, 3 strategic functions

    This acoustic insulation kit is completing and essential to a quality car audio installation.

    From its use depends optimum acoustic rendering of speakers, amplifiers and installed accessories. Technical materials made of honeycombed damping material, an Aluminum sheet and a viscoelastic complex (Butyl).

  • Honeycombed damping material

    Just like the acoustic foam inside a loudspeaker, the honeycombed damping material attenuates the speaker back wave and thus increases the speaker performance.

  • Aluminum sheet

    Aluminum provides rigidity to the Butyl/foam couple. This rigidity also permits the easy laying of BAM in difficultlocations.

  • Viscoelastic complex

    Self-adhesive, the Butyl complex absorbs the vibrations of the surface with which it’s in contact. It highly attenuates the outside noise that gets inside the car.