The Aspire range has grown since it was launched in 2009. The more affordable entry level Aspire was the first stereo amplifier built by Audio Wave, and the Aspire Pro added to the production line in 2010.

This amplifier is another step up from the Aspire not only in sound but also components. Hundreds of hours were spent on R&D trying to get the perfect sound and performance. The Aspire Pro is biased more into class A but still runs in class A/B operation.

The sound is full, focused with loads of width and depth and does not sound shut in. There is plenty of headroom for the most demanding music, overall a very transparent amplifier.

The Aspire/Aspire Pro amplifiers are stereo and have no EQ filters or crossovers on the input stage. It has been kept very simple with only a high quality Alps gain control with only the Aspire Pro Mono Block and Dual Mono having a built in phase switch for bridging. The amplifier has a LED display port that is the same as the CR amps that displays temperature, protect and power. These LED displays are machined from a single piece of aluminium billet and have a nickel or gold plated engraved front panel; they are an option that can be added to the amplifier at any time.

Aspire Pro has many upgraded components including the PCB. The PCB is 3 once Gold plated through double sided with a different layout. Many more hours were spent on re-designing the Pro version PCB layout to accommodate extra caps, larger coils and a bigger ground plane resulting in a more focused dynamic amplifier.

The Aspire and Aspire pro series chassis are made from 2mm thick zinc coated steel and then powder coated in a black textured finish. The lids are made from 3mm aluminum or a metal and acrylic lid if preferred.

Although the Aspire range is more affordable, every amplifier is hand-crafted like the CR range. A standard Aspire takes a week to build and the Aspire Pro a little longer, the DST and DM just takes twice as long.

You can use the cross reference specification sheet to see the model difference and options.