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Matrix M10.1 ( 1 Pcs, )

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Product Description

The Brax Matrix M10.1 10" 600 Watt High End Subwoofer



      Subwoofer delivers profound low frequency bass. The trademark hand scooped cone is infused using Agave Sisalana fibers with aluminum oxide, making the driver lightweight, rigid, accurate and well rounded. A hand would voice coil is energized by a double stacked motor cooled by pole piece and spider plateau venting. Every aspect of the M10.1 has been calculated to compliment your audiophile music system.


Custom compression terminals
Hand-scooped sisal cone with aluminum oxide combines low weight and strength
High end design philosophy engineered for sound quality
Highly insulated eddy-current-free voice coil
Rubber surround for puristic sound quality
Specifically designed die-cast basket



Made in Germany

     Brax strives to build car audio equipment that provides an absolutely top-class sound experience, and their Matrix line embodies that goal. They hand-assemble every product in Germany using the highest quality parts to give you the best performance possible. If you're looking to build a reference-level system in your vehicle, Brax audio components will put you right smack in the middle of your favorite musical performances.


Matrix M10.1 10



Hand-built woofer cone

     The Matrix M10.1 10" subwoofer gives you phenomenal low-frequency reproduction that'll augment your full-range speakers perfectly. Brax builds this speaker's cone by hand, using Agave sisalana fibers mixed with aluminum oxide to make a driver that's lightweight and rigid, as well as exceptionally accurate. They anchor this cone to the specially designed die-cast aluminum basket with a heavy-duty rubber surround for maximum stability. Extra venting at both the spider and pole piece keeps this sub running cool. You can turn up the volume without worrying about unwanted distortion.


Quality and quantity

     Speaking of turning it up, this sub's handwound voice coil and double-stacked magnets help it to handle up to 600 watts RMS, so you can have your bass cake and eat it too. You no longer have to sacrifice loudness for sound quality or vice-versa, as this sub will give you incredibly detailed lows and play cleanly at very high levels. For best results, mount this sub in a sealed or ported enclosure.






Description Value
Size 10" (25cm)
Nominal Impedance 4-Ohms
Power Handling 600 Watts RMS
Voice Coil Diameter 2.5" (65mm)
Magnet Weight  
Speaker Connector Compression Terminals
Fs (Hz) 35.75
Re (Ohms) 3.6
Le (mH)  
Qms 10.32
Qes 0.56
Qts 0.53
Vas (Liters) 1.24 cu.ft. (35.35 Liters)
Sd (cm2) 346
SPL (dB @ 1w/1m) 86.46
Xmax (mm) 12.5
Woofer Displacement  
Cutout Diameter 9.25" (235mm)
Mounting Depth 4.84" (123mm)
Shipping Weight 17 Lbs. (7.714Kg)
Specifications subject to change without notice

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