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ASP-L6   6-Channels Signal Line Driver/Distribution

Analog Signal Processors

In 1978 Zapco introduced the world to audiophile signal processing with the iconic Zapco PEQ 18 band equalizer. It was the first high output processor for the car. With high grade “mil-spec” slide pots and internal components, the SEQ showed the industry what in-car sound processing should sound like. The SEQ was followed by a series of audiophile quality processors including the first parametric car EQ, innovative electronic crossovers, a 30 band mono EQ, an advanced noise gate, and even an outboard D/A converter that surpassed most home D/A converters.
Now, when most head units and amps have processing built in, Zapco continue to offer audiophile quality outboard processing.
For many people“OK” sound is just fine as long as it’s quick, and easy, but Zapco makes processors for those who want something better.
We make processors for those who think that the live musical experience is worth the extra effort. We make processors for those who think that the sound is what matters most. If you want to sit in your car and feel like you are right there, in the audience, at the concert hall...
Zapco makes processors for you.

The legendary Zapco Analog Signal Processors are back

Zapco analog processors are legendary for both sound quality and reliability. Zapco processing started in 1978 with the famous PEQ, 9 band, dual channel control, preamp EQ. With balanced inputs, high voltage outputs, and military grade internal components, the PEQ was the first true Sound Quality EQ for the car. The PEQ was followed a few years later by the Zapco PX. The PX was the first parametric EQ for the car. With high voltage inputs and outputs, an 18dB electronic crossover, 4 parametric EQ bands, and a noise free remote power supply, the PX became the competition EQ for the 1980s. The 90′s brought the Zapco SX series of EQs with Zapco parametric equalization, high voltage outputs, fader, and bass to highs balance control. The SX became the new top dog of the competition circuit. Then Zapco led the pack into digital processing in 2004 with the famous DSP-6 and the DC line of amplifiers.
But we know that vinyl records continue to be preferred by audiophiles over CDs and other digital media for one reason. The purity of the sound. Many aficionados of great sound prefer analog processing over digital for the same reason. Analog reproduction of music continues to have a warmth and sonic purity that is lost in the digital realm.
Now Zapco brings you the new family of Zapco analog processors. Zapco processors are designed and built for the audiophile ear. These processors use top end Elna Silmic ll capacitors throughout the signal path. The op amps are the Analog Devices  op275s, and we went straight to factory who builds the best precision potentiometers around, and had our own custom pots built for these new processors. Each of these processors is designed to do one job and to do it right. There is an audiophile EQ for the dash. There are 2 electronic crossovers, 2 signal line drivers, and OEM line adapters for upgrading factory stereos. These processors are all designed for maximum versatility to give you exactly what you need to get the most from your sound system. And they have quality touches to go a step beyond. The ASP-Q1 in-dash EQ has a copper chassis for maximum noise rejection. The larger units use a remote power supply to keep the high voltages out of the main chassis, and for maximum reliability, the under seat and trunk mount units have a plexi cover plate to keep dust and dirt out of the units after you’ve made your settings.
So; If what matters to you is music…if sound is not just the main concern but the only concern...
If you want your system to put you front row center…
Zapco makes a signal processor just for you.


In 2015, if you want the best sound and all the dynamic range your system is capable of, you need a signal line driver.
In the 90’s, any decent deck had 4 volts of preamp output. Some had 8V and some even had 12V.  But now, even the best units have only 4V RMS and most are barely 2V, and that’s 2 volts only at 1KHz at clipping. Ask the deck to produce preamp voltage at all frequencies (like when you’re playing music) and that voltage drops by 1/2 and often even more. `
What does this mean to you?  First, when you have less signal going down your RCA cables you need to gain your amp up to get volume and then your system has more background hiss and likely more distortion. An even bigger tragedy is that you are compressing the dynamic range of the music. You lose the difference between the quiet and the loud and the music sounds “canned”. There’s no life in the music.  What’s the answer? A Zapco Signal Line Driver Preamp.  The Zapco ASP-L6 is a six channel line driver delivering a true 9.5 volts RMS of preamp output and 14 volts peak output. With this line driver you can leave your amp gains all the way down and still get maximum power and maximum dynamic range from the amp.
Because the line drivers job is boosting the preamp signal, it’s absolutely critical that the line driver does not induce any of its own noise or distortion into the system. That’s why we use only the premium Elna Silmic ll caps and the OP275 audiophile op-amps in the signal path of the L6 and L2 BT line drivers. You also have the option of balanced or unbalanced inputs, and selectable signal ground refrerence. All for a dead quiet, distortion free signal.
As a distribution preamp,  the ASP-L6 lets you send 6 inputs to 6 outputs, but you can also send one set of RCAs to all outputs. So you can feed three amps from one set of RCA inputs, or you can send one pair of inputs to 2 amps for mids and highs send a separate bass signal to the sub amp.
Finally, the protective cover plate has selectable illumination so you can highlight the installation.

* 6-Channels in/6-Channels out line driverat 9.5 Volt RMS, 14 Volts peak

* Distribution preamp configurable for 2, 4 or 6 channels input

* Balanced/unbalanced inputs

* Remote power supply

* Remote for channels 5/6

* Illuminated logo/cover plate



* THD < 0.01%THD

* Signal to Noise Ratio > 110dB

* Stereo Separation 90dB

* Preamp Output 9.5V RMS / 14V Peak

* Dimensions in mm: 190(W) x 39(H) x 135(L) Overall: 190(W) x 39(H) x 164(L)