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The transport package that lets you enjoy the STATE MM-1D with your favorite system.

     The MM-1DT is a transport package featuring the STATE MM-1D rearview mirror linear PCM player, a dedicated interface unit and ML link cable. In addition to optical digital audio output terminals the interface unit comes equipped with RCA analog audio output terminals that can connect to audio decks and AV navigation systems via general auxiliary inputs, and two video input terminals that let video signals from a rearview camera and other devices be viewed on the STATE MM-1D's built-in display. The MM-1DT/6 package includes the ML-6.0 cable (6m length) and the MM-1DT/3 the ML-3.0 cable (3m length), both properly high grade model products, and together with our AZ-1/2 high-end digital processors we've achieved an optimal, ultimate digital audio transport system. Discover yet another way that the STATE MM-1D helps you get the most enjoyment out of your favorite D/A converter and audio deck.


MM-1DT[ Linear PCM Transport Package ]





Linear PCM Transport Package

MM-1DT/6 (6m cable included)

MM-1DT/3 (3m cable included)